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Range Electrics offer a wide range of electrical services.

-New or existing projects
-Architectural Homes
-Service, maintenance and repairs.
-Industrial and factories
-Unit developments
-Underground Electrical installations,
-Switchboard Upgrades
-Electrical safety 
-Lighting desing

The team at Range Electrics are here to assist with any requirements.
We have the resources, knowledge and experience to make your project a reality. The team at Range Electrics is highly skilled and dedicated team. We use the latest installation and testing equipment. We will always have you covered no matter the project, large or small.
We pride ourselves on the ability to provide you a complete solution to your project, not a way around it. We think outside the box with a perfiect balance of practuality and architectural desgin . Thats why our clients feel secure knowing that if they have an idea, we will look into every avenue to make it happen.